Need for Video Security Surveillance System in Gujarat in Elections

Closed-Circuit Television, CCTV security cameras in Gujarat has been effective in reducing the crime rate in the state. The state is comparatively safe as compared to others. According to a recent report published by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ahmedabad has the least crime rate among all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. Use of vigilance equipments makes it all the safer. Video security surveillance system in Gujarat is a common sight! You may come across this tool at many places in the state. It is used to detect crime and thereby deter it! Its effectiveness is proven. There have been many incidents in the past when this instrument successfully spotted wrong-doers.

No state can be completely devoid of crime. However, care should be taken that nothing goes wrong during important events in the state. Election is one such occasion. Municipal Corporation elections were held recently in the state, wherein chaos was reported to occur. Many candidates accused each other of tampering with the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) to manipulate results. Laptops and blue-tooth technology are believed to be used for this task. In some districts, it was reported that the total number of votes cast were more than the total number of voters present. Booths were allegedly captured by some workers. Complaints of misconduct and malpractices were reported in certain areas.

CCTV security cameras in Gujarat polling centers could have prevented such occurrences to some extent. Anti-social elements that allegedly beat up election workers could have been captured in the CCTV security cameras in Gujarat. Once they are identified with proof, actions could have been taken against them. Tampering of EVM could have been easily captured in the video security surveillance system in Gujarat polling centers. Its positioning could be done in a manner that any other activity other than voting could be recorded in the device.

Residents may not have witnessed the installation of CCTV security cameras in Gujarat. However, this is not new in some places. Extremely sensitive areas employ this strategy to maintain order during elections. For example, in the recent parliamentary elections held in Azerbaijan, over 1200 CCTV cameras were installed to prevent anarchy and chaos. Election Commission in Manila, Philippines plans to install them in the premises to keep an eye on the agency’s activities. UK is currently using this system more than any other country. It plans to increase the number for the elections procedure. Many times, in extremely sensitive areas, women are not allowed to vote. Troublemakers may cause security concerns. This device is fast gaining popularity in such places.

Election is a very important phenomenon in a democratic country. Its smooth flow is vital to the country and its people. It is a common practice to experience terrorist threats or attacks during this period. Interference of the political parties unacceptably in the election procedure can also be witnessed. Each phase of the electoral procedure ought to be guarded. People cannot live peacefully, otherwise! CCTV security cameras in Gujarat may serve the purpose.

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