Mistake To Watch Out For If You are a Beginner Baker

Mistake To Watch Out For If You are a Beginner Baker

I know that feeling of baking your first cake. You absolutely want to nail it. It should have a perfect golden top, springy texture and the flavors have to be spot on, right?

But baking isn’t all that easy. There is quite a bit that you can get wrong as a beginner but don’t worry we do not want that to happen to you.

This is why, in this article, we listed down the 4 most common mistakes bakers make and how to avoid them.

Not reading the entire recipe

I was watching MasterChef the other day and during the elimination challenge, the judges laid stress on reading the recipe through multiple times. And as a professional baker, I agree with them. You know why?

That is because when you don’t you are most likely to either miss a step or two or forget to add in certain ingredients. And this remains true even if you have previously baked the recipe (there is simply no room for complacency).

So make sure you gave at least 10-15 minutes to just reading out the recipe and getting your ingredients and equipment ready.

Not measuring the ingredients

In baking measurement is king. Even the slightest of differences can yield unwanted results. So if you thought you do not have to ‘waste time’ measuring each ingredient, you can land yourself in big trouble.

Every ingredient you add to the batter, from the egg white to flour have a scientific purpose and too much or too little will create an imbalance.

Trust me, even to date I measure every ingredient before adding them to my cakes or cookies. Make sure you have measuring spoons and cups at home. You can even get a kitchen scale. These are inexpensive and can be used for both cooking and baking.

You overmix the batter

I have seen people make this mistake tons of times in my classes and workshops. Yes, you need to mix well in order to get the right consistency but if you overmix, you only have a recipe for disaster.

An overmixed batter will give you dense a cake. Wondering why? That is because when you mix, gluten is released. In the right amount, it makes the cake firmer giving it the springy texture a perfectly baked cake should have.

When the recipe calls of folding or using a spatula, make sure you stick to it. Do not use your hands or stand mixer when not needed and even if you happen to use it, keep the speed in check.

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Not using the batter immediately

So you completed all the mixing i.e. added the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and decide to enjoy a cup of coffee before you get to the baking part, right? Well, you are about to make a grave mistake.

Cake batter has leaveners such as baking powder and when it comes in contact with the wet ingredients, it reacts. This reaction causes the cake to fluff when in a pre-heated oven but if it isn’t there, the reaction can have a negative impact.

Furthermore, you should also not forget to pre-heat your oven and avoid opening the oven door regularly as it will let out the heat resulting in a raw cake.


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