Equipment Guide: Every Tool a Beginner Needs

Equipment Guide: Every Tool a Beginner Needs

Should you buy a hand mixer or a stand mixer? What kind of baking pans, bowls, etc. do I need?

When you have just started out with baking, deciding on the equipment you should invest in can be tough mainly because you do not want to overspend. And truthfully, you do not need big ovens and mixers yet.

In fact, most of the equipment need is already in your kitchens. To give you a better idea of what you really need, we listed the 5 most important of all for beginners.

1. Measuring Cups and Spoon

If there is one thing that you cannot compromise on when baking it is the measurement of the ingredients. Simply put, You need to be point accurate with the measurements or you are going to get unexpected results ranging from an overbaked cake to one that is soft in the middle.

And the only way to get those measurements right is if you have the right tools. Measuring cups and spoons are pretty cheap. Furthermore, you can also look to add a kitchen scale to your armory as it can be a game-changer.

2. Whisks

Whisks are one of the most important baking tools ever. While the spatulas and spoons are important in the later stages, the whisk is something you will be using almost throughout the mixing process as they combine the ingredients the best giving you the consistency the recipe calls for.

To top it, they are very pocket-friendly as well. Just make sure you buy a medium-sized whisk. You want one that fits perfectly in your hands so it is easier to move around. Whisks are available pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

From the supermarket, regular utensil store to online stores, these are easy to find. You can also get them in different colors (just in case you have a preference).

3. Silicone Spatulas

Another important piece of equipment you will thank us for is silicone spatula. Just like the whisks, they are also readily available and are inexpensive so even getting a few extra won’t hurt the pocket.

These spatulas are mainly used for folding purposes but are pretty handy when it comes to removing batter from all around the bowl or every corner of the dish unline other kinds of spatulas.

They are also useful if you intend on making pralines and ganaches as they are heat-resistant. Unlike metal ones, these spatulas can go on for years.

4. Baking Tins

Most beginners bakers tend to use glass bowls to get the baking done and why that might work initially if you really want the perfect results I would suggest investing in baking molds and tins.

And why not, they are cheap. Plus, considering the result they give, they are worth every rupee spent. You can either go with a 9-inch aluminum tin as most recipes require that or with a silicone mold.

Silicone molds have become popular over the years as the cake comes out in a jiffy and there is no sticking. These also last longer and are easier to clean.

The mold are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can even bake a cake into a heart shape and so on depending on the occassion.


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