Best Bakery Courses in Delhi (The Experts Choice)

A common dilemma amongst aspiring bakers is not knowing where to start training and rightly so. Rollback a few years back and there were hardly any prime baking schools in Delhi.

To work with state of the art equipment and ingredients, you’d have to pick a school in Europe and Australia and that would cost you about 20-25 lacs if not more.

But over the last few years, things have changed for the better. You can now, learn European bread, pastries, etc. and even become a certified baker right here in Delhi.

Wondering where? Well, here are the 3 best bakery courses in Delhi where you get both professional and part-time bakery courses.

Best Bakery Courses in Delhi for 2020

1) Truffle Nation (Best Bakery Course in South Delhi)

If you want to go on and open your bakery/cafe or home baking business, there is hardly a better recommendation than TruffleNation. Here’s all about them.

TruffleNation Rating
The Good
Get value for your money
Get trained in digital marketing and staffing & pricing
Hands-on Practical classes
Get weekend Batches
Modules can be eggless
About 2kms from the Saket Metro
The Bad
They run out of seats quickly

What we liked

The first are foremost thing Trufflenation does to ensure you turn into a pro capable of running their own bakery or home business is to provide you with detailed practical and theoretical training.

While all practical training is hands-on, theoretical training includes ingredients details. Since you understand the role each ingredient plays, you can experiment and further create your own recipes.

Also, part of these theoretical classes are important aspects such as learning to price every baked item

Furthermore, you’ll become a master at online marketing which is essential especially for home bakers who have a smaller budget.

You will learn to create social media pages, run ad campaigns through those pages and on Google without losing thousands of rupees, Facebook Retargetting, etc.

And after you complete your Diploma course, you can even intern with TruffleNation. Working with their trainers allows you to dive into managing and running a kitchen, developing recipes, etc. taking your skills to a whole different level.

Oh, and you get help with opening a bakery even 10+ years after your course whether it is about marketing, buying equipment or setting a menu.

You can also pick from a range of part-time courses as well including weekend sessions. This includes cooking making, bread baking, etc.

Trufflenation is the only baking school in Delhi that offers all of its modules as eggless. So if you are a vegetarian, this is hands down the best baking class in Delhi for you.

Irrespective of your course, batch sizes remain small with a trainer guiding every 4-5 students and giving them individual attention where needed.

We also mentioned Trufflenation offers the best bang for your buck, right? This is since their Diploma costs just Rs 2,75,000 for more months whereas elsewhere, it is about 2-3 lacs higher.

If you do not want to start your own business yet and want to get experience in the industry first, you will also be guided all through the interview process.

And lastly, with it being just about 1km away from the Saket Metro, traveling is made easier (no more having to spend on autos and cabs).


Their seats fill up really quickly. This happens not only is the demand is high but the batches are smaller. So if you want to start your baking business, do not waste a second more.

2) ASSOCOM Institute of Bakery Technology & Management

Do you live in Greater Noida? Well, you do not have to travel to New Delhi for professional bakery courses and it is AIBTM to your rescue.

AIBTM Rating
The Good
Another pocket-friendly baking school
Advanced Diploma course includes business planning
Hands-on Training
Evening batches available
They also provide accommodations
The Bad
Located in Greater Noida thus difficult to reach
Batch size is larger
No marketing training

What we like

Not just for aspiring bakers in Greater Noida, but AIBTM is an exceptional choice for students from other states as well since they are one of the very few baking schools to have in-house accommodations instead of partnerships with hostels.

These rooms can vary room single room (in case you want your privacy), triple sharing AC rooms to non-AC triple sharing rooms for the budget-conscious.

They also have a plethora of courses available. Unlike any other baking school, AIBTM offers a special evening short-term course where you learn Bread, Breakfast items, cake, chocolate, Desserts, and cookies.

Apart from that, there are also various home and hobby courses, short-term courses and certification courses that hobbyists can choose from

On the professional front, they offer a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Post Graduate Course. All of these courses are very detailed with the Diploma course also including business planning, sensory development, etc. to help develop your recipes.

Like TruffleNation, all these professional and short-term courses are very pocket-friendly. For example, both the Diploma course cost less than Rs. 2,00,00 while the Post Graduate course is less than Rs. 3,00.000 (accommodation charged separately).

Lastly, training is completely hands-on. Plus, on the campus are a library, Laboratory, and Testing Facilities that further help student develop their skillset.


On the downsides, AIBTM is located in Greater Noida and for students living in Delhi, Traveling all that far is a waste of both time and money especially considering schools like TruffleNation are nearer.

And if you happen to take accommodation, it is charged separately and thus the fee increases.

Furthermore, no marketing or food photography sessions are part of any course and batch sizes are bigger when compared to that at TruffleNation thus hindering your chances of getting special attention.

3) Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts

Last on the list of the best bakery courses in Delhi is APCA and if you wanted a baking school in Gurugram, they are pretty everything you could have asked for.

Academy of Pastry Arts India Rating
The Good
Winners of prestigious baking awards part of faculty
Most of your training is hands-on
Intern in Malaysia with advanced Diploma
Get weekend classes
The Bad
Their courses cost quite a bit
No marketing or food photography classes

What we like

Baking schools are often defined by two things, their faculty and their infrastructure and APCA impresses with both.

After all, when you hear that the gold medal winner in India Pastry Cup 2017 is a faculty, wouldn’t you be tempted right away?

That’s just one of them, they have other similar award winners as well. And if not that, the faculty still happens to have tons of experience in the hospitality industry to guide from a beginner to a pro.

APCA caters to all kinds of people. That means they have both full-time and part-time courses for culinary and pastry arts.

This also includes weekend classes for those that are pre-occupied with work or studies during the week and a dual course for that want to be a master at both.

Part of the advanced Diploma and Dual program is the opportunity to go and intern in Malaysia. This exposure will take your skills up a notch as you get to learn about entirely different cuisine.

As per the details provided on the website, training in APCA is 92% hands-on. You will learn to work with mixers, commercial ovens and the finest of ingredients

If you are moving to Delhi just for your courses, APCA can help you find accommodations and nearby by hostels and PGs that provide good food and are clean.

The Drawbacks

The main problem with APCA is that they are one of the most expensive baking classes in Delhi, especially when compared to TruffleNation or AIBTM.

Also, there are no marketing or photography sessions. For anyone looking to start a home business or bakery, this only adds to the challenge.